America Needs Truckers – 10 Things to get you Started

by | Aug 16, 2018

High quality and dependable truckers are vital to our economy, now more than ever. If you've ever considered a career move, especially as an owner-ope ...

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We find drivers to move your freight America’s Freight Broker is American Freight Inc. Keep your freight moving on time and on budget by speaking with one of our broker agents today! Reach us at 800-806-5277.

by | Aug 07, 2018 via New Video from Heavy Haul Trucking Experts

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Great Wages for Texas Flatbed Truckers

by | Aug 07, 2018

The economy is on fire in Midland, Texas as the shale oil boom heats up. Flatbed truckers, oil rig truckers and seemingly, just about any other trucke ...

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