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We are a freight brokerage which strives to set ourselves above the rest. We know that there are many options out there, and we want to earn the business of all our customers each time.

How does American Freight Inc compare to other freight brokerage companies? Unlike other freight broker services, we have over 60 years of experience in the trucking industry – as truckers. Many freight brokerages are just a guy with a computer dealing with loads as data on a screen. But our history starts as a trucking company called FV Martin. As we grew and expanded our business to freight broker services, we split the brokerage off and started American Freight Inc. We have always been and always will be a trucking-first freight brokerage company serving and beyond. That is a huge part of what sets us apart from other brokers. We know what it takes to get your load to where it needs to go.

New Customer Setup

What does this mean for you?

  • Accurate Quotes. We know exactly what to expect, notably with your specialty freight. We can anticipate what challenges might arise and address those challenges with the carrier up-front, BEFORE we call you back with a quote. When we call you back with a quote, you’ll have confidence in knowing that the quote you’re receiving is inclusive of the actual job and not just a sales pitch
  • Communication. Your entire shipment is monitored from A to Z with communication checkpoints between our carriers and our dispatch, so we’re constantly aware of the status of your freight delivery
  • Specialized Agents. Your assigned agent is an expert in your freight type and understands the all of the delivery logistics that go with it
  • Nationwide Network. With a well-established coast to coast network of carriers both in-house and third-party, your freight pickup and delivery is never far away
  • Freight Teams. For your expedited long-haul delivery needs we have carrier teams available to move your freight quickly and efficiently
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What Our Customers Say About Working with American Freight

  • “…strives to provide nothing short of exceptional customer service from the time of securing a truck to delivery.”
    – Andrea

  • “After a different company failed to get me a truck on the scheduled day, I was really in a bind. …AFI was able to get me a truck there the next day. Driver was a real pro, and the load was delivered right on time. I will definitely use AFI in the future. Thanks a bunch.”
    – Bruce

  • “Here are my simple-yet-often-unmet expectations from a freight broker: 1) Know your shipper 2) Know your receiver 3) Know your freight 4) Know what equipment is needed to move it. …[the] AFI agent I worked with…met and exceeded my expectations on all four counts. I tip my hat.”
    – Dmitry

  • “I got in touch…after dealing with some freight haulers that would not take the time to deal with a small non-profit with a difficult task to perform. …[AFI] researched a solution and was able to give me a quote within 24hrs. [AFI] was very patient with me as a novice in the field of freight hauling and walked me through the procedure. Henceforth, we have set up an account and have dealing with…American freight. Excellent company and excellent employees.”
    – Michael

  • “I am very satisfied with my experience working with American Freight…”
    – Ashley

  • “I have used American Freight for LTL and full truckloads, they have always taken care of me and made sure my freight is in good shape when it gets where it needs to be. … I would recommend American Freight to anyone that is needing something shipped.”
    – Kim

  • “American Freight INC is our #1 go-to service when it comes to having our products delivered to our customers.”
    – Michael

  • “We have been using American Freight, Inc. for many years now and we have never had a claim with any of our material being damaged. … I recommend using American Freight, Inc. for your shipping requirements…”
    – Teresa

  • “We have been using American freight from years, Very good service.”
    – Tery

  • “Our office staff and drivers love working with American Freight.”
    – Joanna

  • “They did a great job!!! Picked up two large tanks in Tecate, CA and delivered them to Northern California.”
    – Mighty Mac

  • “AFI … have always provided prompt service, information and follow-through. Accurate dispatching information is usually critical, especially the delivery dates and times. Also, whenever I need a freight rate [AFI] is there for a quick response.”
    – Aaron

  • “We love doing business with these guys!”
    – Brooklyn

  • “Great service. Very courteous and helpful.”
    – James

Our Core Values as a Heavy Haul Trucking Company

When you choose American Freight, we STRIVE to provide you with the best experience you’ll find among Oregon freight brokerage companies.

  • Service

    To understand, determine and deliver the best possible service our customers have come to expect.
  • Trust

    We believe that trust, respect and fairness are needed for individuals to thrive.
  • Relationships

    We are a team because we trust, respect and care for each other like family.
  • Integrity

    Our thoughts and actions will be based on our core values not on personal gain.
  • Value People

    We don’t just appreciate every member of our team, we value and encourage their development to become the best they can be.
  • Excellence

    Excellence is not an option, it’s a part of our DNA. If we do not strive for excellence every day, our competition will.

Freight Broker Career Paths

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Oregon Freight Brokerage Companies FAQ

What companies use freight brokers?

The job of a freight broker is to build relationships. As such, two classes of company use freight brokers: shippers and carriers. Shippers are companies that have loads to place on trucks. This freight may be LTL (less than truckload) or FTL (full truckload). Carriers are truckers. They are the ones with the vehicles to carry loads. A freight broker brings these two clients together to make sure that loads get to where they need to be.

What is the difference between a brokerage company and a trucking company?

A trucking company is a freight carrier. They may have direct relationships with shippers or get their loads through a freight broker. Oregon freight brokerage companies do the work of connecting freight carriers with shippers so that truckers get paid and shipments get to where they need to go.

Many brokers have no direct tie to the trucking industry. They have built up a contact book of carriers that they trust but don’t necessarily know what it takes to deliver. American Freight Inc is different in that we started out as a trucking company. As the company grew, we split the brokerage and trucking elements into different companies, but we maintain our history as a trucking first brokerage. We utilize trucks with our sister companies F.V. Martin Trucking Co and Martin Transportation Co whenever we can, and use that relationship to draw on the knowledge and experience that can only be built in the trucking industry in terms of what it takes to deliver a load safely and quickly. This means greater confidence in quotes and delivery schedules on top of great customer service.

How do freight brokers get paid?

Freight brokers make most of their income off commission based on the gross profit of a load. Rates will vary depending on the company and load type.

How do I choose INDEF Oregon freight broker?

Because of the nature of what INDEF Oregon freight broker does, there are a few qualities that are essential when you’re looking for the best:

  • Communication – a good freight broker should maintain open lines of communication, being proactive whenever possible so that both customers and carriers know what to expect and when to expect it
  • Knowledge – a good freight broker will know what it takes to deliver specific loads from place to place so that they can anticipate difficulties along the way and give you an accurate quote
  • Connections – a good freight broker has established relationships with customers and carriers in a wide service area
  • Reliability – a good freight broker will provide exceptional customer service, indicating they are worthy of your trust

Can you be a carrier and a freight broker?

Yes, it is possible for a carrier to take on a broker’s role in certain situations. However, there is licensing that must be obtained and certain rules that must be followed to do business in both of these roles. If you are a carrier who is interested in entering the world of Oregon freight brokerage companies, we encourage you to contact us.

Why do refrigerated freight truckers use brokers?

Refrigerated freight truckers use brokers for the same reason that any carrier would: to get more loads with less effort spent in finding them. Every carrier knows that when their wheels aren’t turning and their truck isn’t loaded, they aren’t making any money. When you have an established relationship with a broker, you have less to worry about when it comes to finding those loads that keep the money coming in.

How do I become an LTL broker?

Being an LTL broker is all about building connections between carriers and shippers. The more connections you have, the easier it will be for you to fill loads and the more clients you will be able to draw. Becoming an LTL broker is all about starting to make those relationships. If you are interested in getting your start with an established Oregon LTL freight brokerage, talk to us.

How does INDEF Oregon freight broker get loads?

A freight broker gets loads by building relationships. That is really the ultimate purpose of a broker: to be a relationship builder. By building a presence on load boards and having direct contact with a number of companies with loads to haul, our refrigerated freight brokers are able to connect loads with drivers and keep everything moving so we can all make money.

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