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Are you a carrier looking for available heavy haul, flatbed, dry van, or reefer loads? Do you want to work with a company who understands your needs as a trucker? At American Freight Inc, we are more than a freight brokerage – we are a company rooted in over 60 years experience as truckers. We understand what freight carriers need and have a deep appreciation for the service you provide. If you’re ready to start hauling more loads, apply to be a carrier with us now. If you have any questions, we encourage you to talk to a member of our team.

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Benefits of Driving with American Freight Inc


We work hard to provide up-front communication about your load and the equipment it requires. You’ll arrive to pick up your shipment knowing that you have the right tools for the right job.

Protected Loads

Thorough review of your insurance to confirm your load will be protected so you minimize risk.

Timely Payment

We pay all our carriers in 21 days or less from receipt of POD and Invoice. We also offer a “Quick Pay” option.

Our Core Values as a Shipping Company

When you choose American Freight, you expect to work with the best freight carriers. As a company, we strive to provide:

  • Service

    To understand, determine and deliver the best possible service our customers have come to expect.
  • Trust

    We believe that trust, respect and fairness are needed for individuals to thrive.
  • Relationships

    We are a team because we trust, respect and care for each other like family.
  • Integrity

    Our thoughts and actions will be based on our core values not on personal gain.
  • Value People

    We don’t just appreciate every member of our team, we value and encourage their development to become the best they can be.
  • Excellence

    Excellence is not an option, it’s a part of our DNA. If we do not strive for excellence every day, our competition will.

Freight Broker Career Paths

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Freight Carriers FAQ

How can I work with American Freight Inc as a freight carrier?

We are always looking for trustworthy carriers who can help us serve our customers better. Whether you are an owner-operator with a single truck or you manage a small fleet, we’d love to talk to you. Contact a team member or fill out our carrier application to get started.

What is heavy haul trucking?

A load is considered heavy haul when its dimensions exceed the legal length, width, height, and/or weight of the state(s) through which the load is being shipped. This specialized transportation is also known as overweight, or over-dimensional (OD) freight. Depending on dimensions, weight, and routing of these oversized loads, purchase of special trip permits issued by states that the freight will be going through may be required.

How much do heavy haul truck drivers make a year? How much does an oversize load hauler make?

It’s hard to say because rates depend on a wide variety of factors. But we can say for certain that heavy haul truck drivers do have the potential to make more than their non-heavy haul counterparts. If you’re looking to improve your ability to earn money, getting into heavy haul or oversize loads may be just the way to do that.

Is power only trucking profitable?

If power only trucking wasn’t profitable, then no one would do it. To be successful doing power only trucking, you want to make sure you have a load waiting for you so you’re not driving too far without one. That’s where power only trucking broker like American Freight comes into play. We connect drivers with loads and loads with drivers. If you’re having a hard time finding what you need, use the network of relationships our brokers have built up over the years to help you turn a profit.

How do I get power only loads?

Load boards are a popular way to go for the DIY trucker. Otherwise you will have to rely on your network. Having a power only trucking broker takes your network and extends it by a huge factor, meaning you don’t have to do it all on your own, and you have a better chance of getting a load wherever you go.

What pays more reefer or dry van?

Reefer trucking usually pays more, as it costs more to operate a reefer unit and there is more care required from the drivers to make sure their loads arrive on-time and in good condition.

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