Freight Companies In Texas

by | Oct 21, 2020

Texas Freight Companies

When you are driving down the highway, it’s hard not to notice the many trucks passing by hauling various types of freight. Whether it is food bound for a local grocery store, heavy equipment on its way to a nearby construction site, or items that will be purchased by consumers in a big-box store, there is no doubt truckers are still the lifeline of today’s economy. Yet while it may look easy to simply load items onto a truck and transport them from one place to another, the fact is much planning has to be done to ensure problems do not arise along the way. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by working with a freight company that can be trusted to handle each and every detail in a professional manner, which is why many companies in Texas work with such companies as American Freight Trucking.

Why Use a Freight Broker?

Here at American Freight Trucking, we often get asked by potential customers about the benefits of using a freight broker. For starters, we can provide companies with a wide array of transportation equipment that can accommodate virtually any type of cargo needing to be transported. In addition, we can also act as a shipping coordinator for a company, coordinating all shipping needs while freeing up a customer’s time to complete other important tasks. Finally, we can help match up motor carriers and shippers, which is essential when special types of cargo need to be transported, such as oversized loads.

Accurate and Affordable Quotes

At many freight companies, the initial quote given to customers is often nowhere near what eventually needs to be paid. As a result, customers are surprised to learn that much more money is owed once the freight arrives at its destination. Here at American Freight Trucking, we do things differently. Since we know our drivers very well and have an in-depth knowledge of various types of freight, we can provide quotes that are very accurate and reflect the true cost of shipping freight to its destination. By doing so, it becomes much easier for companies to know exactly what they will be paying in shipping costs, allowing for more accurate budgets.

Quick Dispatches

In any type of business, time is money. This is especially true in the trucking business, since truckers and shippers both know delays can be costly. As a result, we offer quick dispatches to customers, ensuring freight gets on the road as fast as possible. In fact, when customers receive their shipping quote, we at American Freight Trucking will already have a carrier lined up and ready to hit the open road.

Dry Freight Trucking

While freight companies such as we at American Freight Trucking offer many different types of freight services to customers, dry freight trucking is one of if not the most common service requested. With this type of service, some of the most common load types include:

  • Building materials
  • Clothing
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Beverages
  • Various retail goods

Since this freight is non-perishable and also cannot be allowed to get wet, we generally use trucks that have trailers that are between 48-53 feet long. Able to do both full truckload (FTL) as well as less than truckload (LTL), we can work with both large and small businesses to ensure their freight gets delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Refrigerated Trucking

Just as we can offer dry freight services, we can also provide refrigerated trucking services when necessary. Like dry freight runs, we typically use either 48′ or 53′ trailers that are temperature-controlled and can accommodate various types of freight, such as:

  • Medical supplies
  • Frozen foods
  • Beverages

When many people think of refrigerated trucking, they assume this is limited only to freight requiring cold storage. However, we can also work with customers who have freight that needs to be kept at very warm temperatures. In fact, whether the temperature inside a trailer needs to be 20 degrees below zero or as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, we can line up a carrier who can meet your needs.

Large Delivery Area

When a company here in Texas needs a freight broker such as us here at American Freight Trucking, we know the freight may need to go thousands of miles away. For us, that’s no problem. Whether something needs to go to the other side of Texas, elsewhere in the continental United States, or even to destinations in Alaska or across the northern border into Canada, we are able to make it happen in a fast, secure, and affordable manner.

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Heavy Haul Trucking

Considered one of the most challenging areas of cargo delivery, heavy haul trucking is an area that many freight companies shy away from when offering various services to customers. However, we at American Freight Trucking look upon these challenges as the chance to provide a much-needed service to customers. Heavy hauling, which involves transporting cargo that is oversized and over-dimensional, can also be done throughout the continental U.S. plus Alaska and Canada. Since loads of this nature are often exceeding the legal length, width, height, and weight requirements of states through which they will be passing, special permits are often needed to transport these loads. Since many customers are often unaware of the permits needed and how to obtain them, we at American Freight Trucking can use our experience and knowledge to obtain whatever permits are necessary.

LTL Trucking

For many customers who may not have anywhere near enough cargo to fill up an entire trailer, less than truckload (LTL) trucking is a smart and cost-effective option. Since we can work directly with carriers who specialize in LTL, customers can take advantage of fast deliveries that come at very affordable prices. For example, since LTL shipping costs are far less than paying for an entire trailer, multiple customers can have their good shipped in the same trailer simultaneously. Whether it is dry freight or that requiring warm or cold climate control, we can be of assistance. In most cases, LTL carriers will use covered van or enclosed trailers with rollup doors, although in some instances trailers with swing doors may also be used. If you are considering the use of LTL services, we do recommend cargo be packaged as securely as possible, since freight of this nature is handled multiple times while in transit and could become damaged if not properly packaged.

Flatbed Trucking

Along with dry freight, flatbed trucking is also a service used frequently by customers. Like many other services, we can offer either FTL or LTL when using a flatbed. Suitable for many different types of cargo, customers often use flatbeds to haul such things as:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Construction materials
  • Machinery

Excellent for cargo that needs to be loaded and unloaded as quickly as possible, flatbed trucking services also allow for LTL, meaning many different customers can use these trailers to have their cargo hauled to its destination. Relying on owner-operators for these jobs, we can quickly match you with a driver who can provide efficient pickup and delivery, giving you peace of mind along the way. Visit here for more info on flatbed trucking companies in Texas.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Here at American Freight Trucking, no job is too big or too small for us to handle. Since everything here in Texas is a bit bigger and better than anywhere else in the world, you can count on us to help you out in any way possible. With our core values of honesty, integrity, and treating all customers like family, we have been able to work with customers for over 60 years, producing excellent results decade after decade. With a commitment to excellence we have built up over the years, we have been able to establish relationships with customers who use us time and time again. Whether you have only a few items that need to be sent across the Lone Star State or an oversized load that will require obtaining permit after permit from localities, you can count on us here at American Freight Trucking to make sure the job is done right each and every time.

Reliability and Trust

Perhaps more than anything, customers who rely on freight brokerage services such as American Freight Trucking are counting on working with people who are reliable and trustworthy. These two qualities perfectly describe how we view the providing of our services, since it is these two core values that ultimately determine if a customer is satisfied with our services. Since we have over 60 years in the trucking industry, there is practically no situation we have not encountered. Whether it is trying to obtain a permit, finding just the right carrier for a customer’s needs, or various other issues, we leave no doubt that once a customer places their faith in us, we do everything possible to get the job done.

Should you find yourself in need of freight services or have additional questions, call the American Freight Trucking quote line at 800-806-5277 or visit to learn more.