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As a leader among New York City power only trucking companies with years of experience in the industry, American Freight Inc. makes your power-only transport service fast, easy, and affordable. As a freight shipper, you can count on us to deliver your flatbeds chassis, containers, exhibition trailers, special event trailers and vans – whether it’s across the state or across the country. Talk with our team today to learn more about us and how we can help you get rolling.

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When Power Only Trucking Makes Sense

Power only trucking is where the trucking company/driver provides only the tractor in the tractor-trailer combination. The shipping customer provides a trailer unit which is loaded and ready to go. Situations where this makes sense include:

  • Specialty loads which require a specialty trailer owned by the customer
  • Loads which take a long time to pack, perhaps when an office or warehouse is moving
  • Events which need to move from place-to-place

If you’ve got everything but a way to tow your freight, give us a call. Our network of carriers can handle any kind of power only load – from heavy haul to temperature controlled or dry van.

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Why Choose American Freight for your New York City Power Only Trucking Broker

At American Freight, we are more than just a New York City power only trucking company –we are a power only freight broker for customers throughout the United States and Canada. We work hard to be among the best New York City power only trucking companies you can find. Here are just a few of the things that set us apart.


When your load is ready to be picked up, we have someone ready to come get it. Your quote already has a carrier lined up and ready to go!


With over 60 years in the trucking industry, we know the tools of the trade and the difficulties that might arise. We address freight shipping challenges before they occur, so our quotes are as accurate as possible.


If you’re in a time crunch, we have freight teams available for your expedited short, mid, and long-haul power only pick up and deliveries. Get in touch today to get started.


What Our Customers Say About Working with American Freight

  • “…strives to provide nothing short of exceptional customer service from the time of securing a truck to delivery.”
    – Andrea

  • “After a different company failed to get me a truck on the scheduled day, I was really in a bind. …AFI was able to get me a truck there the next day. Driver was a real pro, and the load was delivered right on time. I will definitely use AFI in the future. Thanks a bunch.”
    – Bruce

  • “Here are my simple-yet-often-unmet expectations from a freight broker: 1) Know your shipper 2) Know your receiver 3) Know your freight 4) Know what equipment is needed to move it. …[the] AFI agent I worked with…met and exceeded my expectations on all four counts. I tip my hat.”
    – Dmitry

  • “I got in touch…after dealing with some freight haulers that would not take the time to deal with a small non-profit with a difficult task to perform. …[AFI] researched a solution and was able to give me a quote within 24hrs. [AFI] was very patient with me as a novice in the field of freight hauling and walked me through the procedure. Henceforth, we have set up an account and have dealing with…American freight. Excellent company and excellent employees.”
    – Michael

  • “I am very satisfied with my experience working with American Freight…”
    – Ashley

  • “I have used American Freight for LTL and full truckloads, they have always taken care of me and made sure my freight is in good shape when it gets where it needs to be. … I would recommend American Freight to anyone that is needing something shipped.”
    – Kim

  • “American Freight INC is our #1 go-to service when it comes to having our products delivered to our customers.”
    – Michael

  • “We have been using American Freight, Inc. for many years now and we have never had a claim with any of our material being damaged. … I recommend using American Freight, Inc. for your shipping requirements…”
    – Teresa

  • “We have been using American freight from years, Very good service.”
    – Tery

  • “Our office staff and drivers love working with American Freight.”
    – Joanna

  • “They did a great job!!! Picked up two large tanks in Tecate, CA and delivered them to Northern California.”
    – Mighty Mac

  • “AFI … have always provided prompt service, information and follow-through. Accurate dispatching information is usually critical, especially the delivery dates and times. Also, whenever I need a freight rate [AFI] is there for a quick response.”
    – Aaron

  • “We love doing business with these guys!”
    – Brooklyn

  • “Great service. Very courteous and helpful.”
    – James

Our Core Values as a New York City Power Only Trucking Broker

When you choose American Freight for your New York City power only trucking company, you expect the best possible experience. We STRIVE to provide:

  • Service

    To understand, determine and deliver the best possible service our customers have come to expect.
  • Trust

    We believe that trust, respect and fairness are needed for individuals to thrive.
  • Relationships

    We are a team because we trust, respect and care for each other like family.
  • Integrity

    Our thoughts and actions will be based on our core values not on personal gain.
  • Value People

    We don’t just appreciate every member of our team, we value and encourage their development to become the best they can be.
  • Excellence

    Excellence is not an option, it’s a part of our DNA. If we do not strive for excellence every day, our competition will.
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Power-Only Trucking FAQ

What is power only trucking?

Power only trucking is when only the tractor and driver is hired to connect to and deliver a pre-loaded trailer. This is common when there is an unexpected amount of freight or excess freight with more trailers than tractors available to deliver.

What is needed for power only trucking?

Tractor trucks are the equipment used by a carrier on a power-only job. Most trucks are able to accommodate a wide variety of trailer types with an equipped adjustable fifth wheel so that a customer can pre-load their freight, whatever it may be. All types of loads are carried and delivered with power-only trucking, including flatbeds, chassis, containers, exhibition trailers, special event trailers, dry vans, refrigerated vans, log trailers, and specialty trailers for local runs or long hauls. When the trailer comes with the job, all a carrier needs is an engine and the proper endorsements to carry it. When you’re looking to send or deliver a power only load, talk to the team at American Freight.

Who is responsible for the safety of a power only freight load?

The driver is always responsible for the safety of the load when it’s on the road. They have the final say as to whether a load has been properly secured and may request that it be reloaded so that it reaches its final destination in one piece and without incident.

Is power only drop and hook?

Yes, these two terms refer to the same kind of freight hauling.

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