We Strive to be Leaders Among Seattle Refrigerated Trucking Companies

If you have temperature-sensitive freight, you need the specialized expertise of a leader among Seattle refrigerated trucking companies to give you peace of mind. Our refrigerated trucking division understands the importance of temperature control to ensure the quality of perishable goods. LTL to FTL, American Freight Inc. can ship almost anywhere in Canada, the contiguous United States, and Alaska. If you’ve got a load planned, get in touch with us today!

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Do you have a load that requires temperature-controlled transportation?

Talk with our Seattle refrigerated freight broker team to get you set up with a carrier that will get your goods from where they are to where they need to be – safe, on-time, and at a competitive price. LTL or FTL, we will get you connected with the right people who have the equipment necessary to keep your cargo at the right temperature the whole way.

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Why Choose American Freight for your Seattle Refrigerated Freight Trucking Company

At American Freight, we strive to be the among best Seattle refrigerated trucking companies you can find. Here are just a few of the things that set us apart.


Many freight brokerages are just a person with a computer. But our 60 year history started as a trucking company, and we have not lost contact with our roots as we have grown thanks to our continued ties with our sister companies FV Martin Trucking Co and Martin Transportation Co. That means you can trust us to know what it really takes to get your load where it needs to go not just in theory but in practice.


When you’re ready to book, we have someone ready to haul! Freight teams are available for your expedited short, mid, and long-haul deliveries.


We utilize our experience as truckers to address freight shipping challenges before they arise, so our quotes include all foreseeable situations.


Climate-Controlled Truck Loads

The typical reefer trailer is either 48’ or 53’ long and insulated. Its temperature-control unit will accommodate frozen, chilled, or even warm temperatures ranging from -20°F to +90°F. That means a refrigerated truck can carry a load consisting of any perishable goods such as foods, beverages, medical supplies, or a product that needs to be kept at higher-than-average temperatures in a cold climate. Specific examples of climate-controlled truck loads that our Seattle refrigerated freight brokerage can help with include:

  • Meat
  • Frozen foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables

If you have any load which requires a temperature-controlled environment get in touch with our Seattle reefer trucking team today.

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What Our Customers Say About Working with American Freight

  • “…strives to provide nothing short of exceptional customer service from the time of securing a truck to delivery.”
    – Andrea

  • “After a different company failed to get me a truck on the scheduled day, I was really in a bind. …AFI was able to get me a truck there the next day. Driver was a real pro, and the load was delivered right on time. I will definitely use AFI in the future. Thanks a bunch.”
    – Bruce

  • “Here are my simple-yet-often-unmet expectations from a freight broker: 1) Know your shipper 2) Know your receiver 3) Know your freight 4) Know what equipment is needed to move it. …[the] AFI agent I worked with…met and exceeded my expectations on all four counts. I tip my hat.”
    – Dmitry

  • “I got in touch…after dealing with some freight haulers that would not take the time to deal with a small non-profit with a difficult task to perform. …[AFI] researched a solution and was able to give me a quote within 24hrs. [AFI] was very patient with me as a novice in the field of freight hauling and walked me through the procedure. Henceforth, we have set up an account and have dealing with…American freight. Excellent company and excellent employees.”
    – Michael

  • “I am very satisfied with my experience working with American Freight…”
    – Ashley

  • “I have used American Freight for LTL and full truckloads, they have always taken care of me and made sure my freight is in good shape when it gets where it needs to be. … I would recommend American Freight to anyone that is needing something shipped.”
    – Kim

  • “American Freight INC is our #1 go-to service when it comes to having our products delivered to our customers.”
    – Michael

  • “We have been using American Freight, Inc. for many years now and we have never had a claim with any of our material being damaged. … I recommend using American Freight, Inc. for your shipping requirements…”
    – Teresa

  • “We have been using American freight from years, Very good service.”
    – Tery

  • “Our office staff and drivers love working with American Freight.”
    – Joanna

  • “They did a great job!!! Picked up two large tanks in Tecate, CA and delivered them to Northern California.”
    – Mighty Mac

  • “AFI … have always provided prompt service, information and follow-through. Accurate dispatching information is usually critical, especially the delivery dates and times. Also, whenever I need a freight rate [AFI] is there for a quick response.”
    – Aaron

  • “We love doing business with these guys!”
    – Brooklyn

  • “Great service. Very courteous and helpful.”
    – James

Our Core Values as a Seattle Refrigerated Trucking Company

When you choose American Freight, we strive to provide you with an experience beyond that you’ll get from other Seattle refrigerated trucking companies. Our values as a company are:

  • Service

    To understand, determine and deliver the best possible service our customers have come to expect.
  • Trust

    We believe that trust, respect and fairness are needed for individuals to thrive.
  • Relationships

    We are a team because we trust, respect and care for each other like family.
  • Integrity

    Our thoughts and actions will be based on our core values not on personal gain.
  • Value People

    We don’t just appreciate every member of our team, we value and encourage their development to become the best they can be.
  • Excellence

    Excellence is not an option, it’s a part of our DNA. If we do not strive for excellence every day, our competition will.

Reefer Trucking FAQ

What is refrigerated or climate-controlled trucking?

Refrigerated or “Reefer” Trucking refers to the type of trailer used to deliver temperature-sensitive goods. Refrigerated trailers have a cooling unit which is usually powered by a small diesel engine.

What does reefer mean in trucking?

“Reefer” refers to a refrigerated trailer or truck/trailer combination.

How are refrigerated trucks powered?

They are normally powered by a separate diesel engine connected directly to the trailer. That means the temperature control depends on this unit and not on the truck. The truck can be disconnected from the trailer and the low temperatures maintained as required.

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American Freight Strives to be the Leader Among Seattle Refrigerated Trucking Companies