When Business is Complicated, Call AFI!

by | Sep 18, 2019

Running a business of any size encompasses dozens of challenges. Between controlling costs, maximizing profits, keeping employees and customers satisfied, and complying with all manner of regulatory and legal requirements, it can be tough for business owners and managers to make sure all the pieces of the machine are running at peak efficiency to guarantee they’ll be in business next year—or even next month.

Enter freight brokerage firms.

Whatever your company size, it’s likely that a freight broker can help you save time and money and keep your freight moving on time and on budget.

Consider some of the following scenarios:


Shipping Clerk Sarah

Sarah works for a small—but growing—manufacturer. She’s the owner’s daughter, so she’s grown up around the company and knows the business inside and out. However, she also wears multiple hats—she is office manager, shipping clerk, and even, occasionally, warehouse supervisor when things are really busy. When she has products to ship, Sarah doesn’t have a lot of time to make a dozen calls to find the best rates.

Fortunately, Sarah knows she can call AFI. With one call, Sarah can take care of all the company’s shipping needs. Our brokers know where they can find the right carrier at the best rate, and Sarah can take off her shipping clerk hat for a while.


Transportation Coordinator Tom

Tom is the transportation coordinator for a large shipper. Most of the time, things run pretty smoothly—Tom’s company has its own fleet of trucks, and under normal production and shipping schedules, the fleet is sufficient.

But every now and then, production and shipping ramp up to meet increased demands, and Tom finds himself struggling with too much freight and not enough space.

Tom’s solution? Call AFI.

AFI’s brokers can help Tom find cargo space for any size load. They can scour available carriers for half loads and even find independent haulers who can take a full load wherever Tom needs to go.


Salesperson Sylvia

Sylvia is a successful salesperson for a mid-sized manufacturer. Her company doesn’t call carriers or employ its own fleet; rather, this company has found that working with a freight broker is the most cost-effective way for them to operate.

When Sylvia takes an order, she always calls AFI to get the best shipping rate she can before she finalizes her quotes. Her broker knows Sylvia’s products and business, and he can find carriers for both small and large loads at the best rates. When Sylvia gets a quote from AFI, she knows it’s the best rate out there, so she can be confident that the quote she gives her customer is the best one available.


Owner Operator Oscar

Oscar owns his own truck and loves the business of hauling freight. He and his wife drive together, and they enjoy seeing the country and connecting with a variety of people as they travel. Neither Oscar nor his wife want the hassle of looking for loads; they’d rather spend their time on the road.

So how does Oscar find work? AFI freight brokers.

Oscar can count on AFI to find him the right loads at the right rates in his preferred lanes. And AFI trusts Oscar to keep all of his certifications up-to-date. Together, they form a winning partnership that lets Oscar do what he loves most—drive!


AFI has an established history in the trucking industry. From the founding of FV Martin Trucking in 1976 to our expansion in 1996 with Martin Transportation to the establishment of American Freight, Inc in 2001, we have worked to establish trusted relationships with both shippers and carriers. With our experience and know how, we save you TIME and MONEY by getting the right equipment the first time and making sure your freight is picked up and delivered on time and on budget!