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Flatbed Trucking Services

Flatbed Trucking

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Flatbed trucking from American Freight, Inc. can easily service your LTL (less-than-truckload) and FTL (full-truck-load) flatbed trucking needs. From construction materials to heavy equipment hauling, there is no load we can’t handle.

Our knowledgeable agents will match an owner operator truck driver with the right tractor-trailer combination for your specific flatbed freight. Your carrier will arrive fully prepared for your shipment while you enjoy an efficient pickup and delivery. Flatbed trucking is an excellent option for construction sites or shipping points that require quick loading and unloading. If your load is not large enough to require an entire flatbed trailer we can arrange for LTL trucking. You’ll save money by sharing the trailer with other customers who also need LTL trucking. Once you place your order American Freight Inc will handle all the details.

Are you a carrier looking for flatbed truck loads available?

From coast to coast plus Alaska and Canada, you’ll be in good hands with American Freight, Inc.

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose American Freight
  • QUICK DISPATCH: your quote already has carrier lined up and ready to go
  • NO SURPRISE EXPENSES: we address freight shipping challenges before they arise
  • FAST DELIVERY: freight teams are available for your expedited long haul deliveries

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“What is Flatbed Trucking?”

Flatbed trucking refers to the type of trailer used to haul a shipment. Some flatbed trailers are commonly used for heavy haul and oversized loads due to the multiple types of trailers and variations available. Most loads that do not fit in a dry van will be hauled on flatbed trailers.

With Flatbed Trucking there are a variety of trailer types that are designed to fit any load. There are 7 common flatbed trailer types for both LTL and truckload shipping:
Standard Flatbed
Standard flatbed trailers are the most commonly used type of trailer for hauling loads that are not necessarily required to be protected from weather or cannot fit in a dry freight van. Dimensions are typically 42’, 45’, 48’ or 53′ long and can have multiple axles.
Extendable (stretch) Flatbed
Flatbed Stretch Trailer and RGN (removable goose neck) Stretch are simply trailers that have the ability to extend their frames to accommodate loads longer than 53′ for transport
Step Deck
Drop Deck, or Step Deck trailers are very similar to a standard flatbed trailer. However, these types of trailers are designed for moving equipment that is above the legal height of 8′ 6″. These types of trailers are also available with ramps to allowing them to be loaded with equipment that can be driven onto the trailer. Most drop deck trailers can carry freight up to 10′ 6″ tall without over-dimensional permitting. Additional drop deck types include: drop deck 2 or 3 Axle, extendable (stretch) drop deck, drop deck 2 axle spread
Double Drop Deck
Double Drop Deck has an upper deck in the front and a deck in the rear. The middle section of the trailer is often referred to as the well of the trailer. These trailers are useful for transporting tall or over-height freights (see HEAVY HAUL TRUCKING). Double drop trailers can typically carry freight up to 12′ 6″ high and some even have an extendable variation.
Removable Gooseneck (RGN) is another type of drop deck and most commonly used for moving heavy equipment and a variety of oversized freight. This type of trailer with a detachable upper deck is also referred to as a Lowboy or Double Drop Deck with detachable deck.
A Conestoga trailer is a covered flatbed with an accordian-type type curtain where the top and sides fold all the way to the front of the trailer.
Curtain Van
Much like the Conestoga, a curtain van is a covered flatbed where just the side curtains can slide open and closed.
Maxi / A-Train / B-Train
Maxi type trailers are very common for our customers in the Northwest that have freight with a gross weight of up to 105,500lb requiring extra axles on the truck and trailer (see HEAVY HAUL TRUCKING).