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Polar vortex making truck travel treacherous

Weather conditions in the Midwest and East Coast worsen this week According to AccuWeather, there have only been two times...

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End of 2018 Shows Turnover Decrease

Turnover rates down, but is it all good news? Some good news for the trucking industry in the third quarter...

CA supreme court

CA ruling may jeopardize owner-operators

Using a brokerage may be the answer In spring of 2018 the California supreme court made a final determination in...

young veteran

DOT helping young veterans

Department of Transportation opens exciting new program for veterans under 21 For several years, those of us in the freight...

18 wheels for bubba

Truckers and Big Hearts

This is an article from earlier this summer, but what a great reminder to go the extra mile for someone,...

China trade tariffs

Potential tariffs on Chinese goods increase tonnage in October

President Trump stays the course on imposing 10-25% in tariffs on certain goods from China beginning January 1st, 2019. The...


Three top apps for truckers

Truckers have to make every mile and every minute count. That’s easier now, thanks to some great apps on the...

Oregon flatbed trucking company to haul Christmas Tree to the Capitol

Oregon flatbed trucking company to haul Christmas Tree to the Capital

Hurricane Florence relief efforts

Rates set to rise in Southeastern states

North Carolina and surrounding states are seeing rising rates in the wake of Hurricane Florence. More than 1,000 roads are...

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